Win at Life

It’s easier than ever

Maybe you don’t remember my original post about winning at life. But that idea really took on a life of its own. Now we can Win at Life in a whole new way! Enter: 

It’s a sweet website Angelo made for me that is basically an automated version of what my game eventually became. Tracking anything you could think of as a goal with separate tasks.

How I Use

For me, I have 3 categories: Chores, Beauty & fitness & Relationships. Within those over arching goals, I have various tasks that I have set out for me daily, weekly, bi-weekly, whatever. It really works for me.

When you sign up it will send you emails letting you know how awesome you are today. This a screenshot from today:

super awesome me


It’s difficult to get a score within the 80’s. 56% feels pretty good.  Don’t believe me? Try it yourself.


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