How to Win at Life

Staying on top of your sh*t is difficult. Especially if you have high-standards for yourself. There are just too many things to keep track of! Well, I have found a beautifully systematic solution: a chart. Below is the beginning of the process.

This Health Game is perfect for keeping track of all of the things you want to achieve.

Health Game no diet blog

On my Health Game I have categories like “wear sunscreen” & “low gluten”. But I encourage you to make it your own by filling in the other six categories with things you find important.

Ready for a greater challenge? This is a chart I have created for myself on excel which is yours to download and modify. I have set my own numeric goal and the chart will tell me what percentage of my goal I have achieved. The goal is to reach 100% within any given week. *Note: this chart does not expect me to get everything right all the time. The number I would have to hit to reach 100% is actually only about 75% of the overall number I could hypothetically reach if I were a Stepford robot.* Also, some of my categories are specific to me and my life and my relationships, so… don’t judge me too harshly. (After all, you’re looking at all of my flaws!)

Win at Life <– This is the link to the Excel Chart!


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